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Ctrl+r will redo. While doing some rule editing last week one issue we ran into was replacing terms instead of whole words. A quick u and a change of search parameter: “%s/\/20089/gc Fixed it right up for us and we carried on. Changing a port …
Beyond basic modal editing. Using vim's command-line mode.
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But Vim’s built-in undo history is capable of far more sophisticated undo and redo commands. You can undo and redo changes in bulk or even with time based commands, allowing you to travel back and forth in time through your change history.
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undo last operation U undo everything done to the current line (or :redo) redo last operation:e! discard all changes made since the last write g; go to where the previous change was made g, go to where the next change was made `. go to where the last `^
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Vim tries to protect you from doing stupid things. Suppose you innocently start editing a file, expecting the contents of the file to show up. Instead, Vim produces a very long message: E325: ATTENTION Found a swap file by the name “.main.c.swp” owned by
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vifm-u Ctrl-R – redo last change. vifm-CTRL-R dp vifm-dp in compare view of “ofboth grouppaths” kind, makes corresponding entry of the other pane equal to the current one. The semantics is as follows: – nothing done for identical entries – if file is missing
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Basic Vim Commands Every Linux User Must Know [Free Cheat Sheet Included] A comprehensive guide explaining basic vim commands that will be useful to any Linux user be it a sysadmin or a developer. No matter if you are a sysadmin or a software developer, if
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 · page 310 and 311, Repeat Substitution error: The header on page 311 should be placed near the end of page 310, before the text “The & command repeats the last substitution”. page 312, Include File Searches error: “:range ijump count [/]pattern[/]” should be
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Vim Cheat Sheet – Simple Cheat Sheet
Vim is a clone, with additions, of Bill Joy’s vi text editor program for Unix.Vim cheat sheet tries to provide a basic reference for beginner and advanced developers, lower the entry barrier for newcomers, and help veterans refresh the old tricks.
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Vim normal mode commands as a Unite.vim menu . GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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 · We want the result to represent the current change, regardless of what undo / redo was done earlier. Change the implementation to test for whether the current change is the last in the buffer, and if not, make a no-op change to get to an explicit change state.

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 · PDF 檔案Title Vim Quick Reference Card Author Michael Goerz Subject Vim Text Editor Keywords Movements, Insertion, Replace and Deletion, Insert Mode, Search and Substitution, Formatting, Filtering, Visual Mode, Undoing and Repeating, Registers, Copying, Patterns

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Vim Vi Improved 1. VIM – Vi Improved!VIM – Vi Improved! Configuring and using VIM editor By Tusharadri Sarkar July 13, 2009 IBM July 13, 2009 1Tusharadri Sarkar 2. A Brief History of VimA Brief History of Vim Vim is an improvement over the

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Quit Vim. This fails when changes have been made.:q[uit]! Quit without writing.:cq[uit] Quit always, without writing.:wq Write the current file and exit.:wq! Write the current file and exit always.:wq Write to . Exit if not editing the last:wq! Write to and exit ZZ