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Tongue Exercises
Tongue Exercises 1. Tongue Extension · Extend tongue between lips and out of mouth as far as possible, hold in place for ___ seconds · Repeat ___ times · A lollipop may be used for motivational purposes · Clients should be supervised
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Speech Language Pathologist developed exercises …

Speech Language Pathologist developed exercises designed to support swallow rehabilitation [1] and oral motor speech therapy [2]. Based on existing treatments, four key exercises were developed by Speech Language Pathologists to safely stimulate and exercise parts of the oral cavity – specifically targeting lip closure, tongue strength, dorsal elevation, lateral movement, and bolus propulsion.
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ORAL MOTOR EXERCISES TO HELP IMPROVE SPEECH PRODUCTION – Fairfield, CT· Have your child push against a flavored tongue depressor or lollipop as hard as he/she can to improve tongue …
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Speech and language therapy exercises

 · PDF 檔案2 Exercises for speech and swallowing for patients having radiotherapy to the head and neck area How to do the exercises The Speech and Language Therapist will explain and show you how to do the exercises that are appropriate for you. You will also be advised
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Tongue Thrust Worksheets & Teaching Resources
Tongue Thrust Exercises & Activities contains effective exercises to do with your client with a lisp, or who tongue thrusts in speech therapy (oral myofunctional therapy). Over 40 engaging and useful activities to improve dissociation of tongue, lips, cheeks and
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 · Before you start teaching them speech therapy exercises that will help them with their pronunciation, it’s important to do some screening to figure out which variations are difficult for them. You can test how your child pronounces the basic /r/ vocalizations by seeing how they pronounce the following types of /r/ sounds:
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For more information, please visit In the past, it was thought that various tongue or mouth exercises, including blowing h
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Mouth Breathing
Myofunctional therapy can be used to treat mouth breathing, sleep apnea, tongue thrust, tongue-tie, speech issues, improve orthodontic treatment and more! What is Mouth Breathing? It is perfectly natural to breathe through your mouth at certain times, such as
34 Oral Motor Exercises that Can Transform Your Kid's Eating!

Fun speech therapy exercises and activities for children

This week, in the spirit of the Olympics, we thought we’d offer some of our favorite speech therapy exercises and activities to do at home. That’s right, exercises! While there will not be a half-pipe, blob-sledding track or a gold medal at the end of your session, the reward will be an opportunity to spend quality time with your child and help him or her with increasing speech and
34 Oral Motor Exercises that Can Transform Your Kid's Eating!
What are Speech Therapy Exercises?
Speech therapy exercises help children and adults properly pronounce words and initiate speech communication. Whether the child or adult has a speech problem or an adult has suffered a stroke, these exercises are an invaluable tool to overcome speech difficulties to effectively communicate with people.
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Speech Therapy
Speech therapy methods There are several ways by which speech problems can be treated under the directions of a speech therapist. These methods include: Exercises to help improve strength and coordination of the muscles in the throat, tongue, cheeks
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Oral Stability and the Frontal Lisp
I receive weekly questions about the severe frontal lisp. The questions always are about how to keep the tongue inside the mouth for speech. We are talking here about the client who has: Interdental tongue placement on all the sibilants: S, Z, Sh, Zh, Ch, J Interdental tongue placement on all the lingua-alveolar sounds: T, D, N, L Open mouth resting posture Reverse swallow (infantile suckle
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Speech Therapy for a Frontal Lisp
hi carrie, i have an 11 year old boy who has a frontal lisp. we have never had him do any speech therapy and am now worried it is late to help him correct this. someone asked me to see if he could curl the sides of his tongue up into a tube which he can not do