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How to use “since”
 · “Since” can be an expression of time, and it can mean “because”. “Since” as a time expression When used to express time, the word “since” means: — from a time in the past until the present — from a time in the past until another time in the past. 1. From a time in
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As, Since, Because, So, Due To, Owing To
Answers 1. We stayed inside because it was raining. 2. I wanted to leave early since I was not enjoying the party. 3. The girl stayed at home due to her illness. 4. We were late because of the traffic jam. 5. She didn’t love cats so she wasn’t happy when her husband brought two kittens home.
Linking Words
‘Because,’ ‘Due To,’ ‘Since,’ and ‘As’
That sentence is a bit stilted, but it fits the traditionalist rule. If you wanted to be more casual, you could say, “It was canceled because of rain.” According to purists, you’re not allowed to say, “It was canceled due to rain” because “due to” doesn’t have anything to modify .
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Subordinate Clause: Simple Rules You Need to Know
What will happen if I can find my wallet? If a clause in your sentence leaves us hanging like this when set apart on its own, it is a subordinate clause. Words That Begin Subordinate Clauses Subordinate clauses will often begin with subordinating conjunctions, which are words that link dependent clauses to independent clauses, such as for, as, since, therefore, hence, consequently, though, due
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When you start a sentence with one of these linking devices, your voice starts high and then falls. After therefore, consequently, as a result, for that reason, thus, you often pause slightly
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Cause / Effect
EFFECT — CAUSE Because (since, as) and because of (due to, on account of) are connective prepositions that relate additional, nonessential information to the main clause.Because is complemented by a clause and because of is complemented by a noun phrase (NP) that states a reason (cause) for the effect stated in the main clause.
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SINCE Synonyms & Antonyms
Find 34 ways to say SINCE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world’s most trusted free thesaurus. The conjunctions as and since suggest a reason for an occurrence or action, but they are so casual as to imply merely circumstances attendant on the main statement: As (or since) I was tired, I was sleeping.
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Compound Sentences
Compound Sentence Examples Now look at some more examples showing compound sentences and coordinating conjunctions or semicolons in context. Compound Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions The cinema was sold out, so we watched a movie on TV.
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‘However’ (Period (Full Stop), Comma, or Semicolon …

Do not use a comma before ‘however’ (or any other conjunctive adverb) when it serves as a bridge between two sentences (or independent clauses). You can use a period (full stop) or a semicolon before a word like ‘however.’ This page has examples and an
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Difference Between But and However
 · Difference Between But and However Usage But is mainly used as coordination conjunction. However is an adverb. Context But is used in more conversational, informal context. However is used in a more formal, academic context. Beginning of a Sentence But should not be used at the beginning of sentences, according to traditional grammar rules.
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Grammatically Correct Sentence Checker Online
Grammatical Sentence Checker People often think of grammar as something relatively elementary, something that they learned a long time ago and that doesn’t have a huge effect on the quality of their writing as long as it sounds right when they read it. However
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Starting a Sentence with “However”
In fact, starting a sentence with “however” is a clear way to link a new sentence to the previous sentence, which is the primary function of a conjunctive adverb like “however.” The loathing for starting a sentence with “however” causes lots of writers to use a comma before “however” and then write a new sentence.
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3 Cara untuk Menggunakan Kata Therefore dalam …

“Therefore” adalah kata penghubung dalam bahasa Inggris yang dapat digunakan sebagai kata transisi/peralihan dalam kalimat dan paragraf. Kata ini menunjukkan sebab dan akibat antara beberapa klausa independen (independent clause) sehingga tidak bisa dipakai untuk mengawali paragraf atau disertakan sebagai bagian kalimat mandiri.