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破碎之神教會是系列作品SCP基金會中的一個宗教團體。該教會由Robert Bumaro領導,其成員為一群狂熱信徒,他們相信許多SCP項目都是“破碎之神”在創造宇宙后破碎而成的部分。通過將“神”恢復到完整狀態,他們也將同時獲得神性。
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Flesh Expansion (SCP-610 and Sarkicism cards) 4. Mekhanite Expansion (SCP-882 and Church of the Broken god) 5. Wanderer Expansion (Serpent’s Hand and
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Nov 29, 2018 – Exploring the SCP Foundation: SCP-610 – The Flesh That Hates – YouTube
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SCP-610 SCP-008 SCP-217 SCP-371 SCP-2999 Locations SCP-3001, A Void like Reality in which only a Red color is in this reality. SCP-3008, A Endless IKEA Building which Humans are stuck in there with The Staff Patrolling the building named SCP-3008-2.
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SCP-610 anomaly, civilian and character cards Sarkics and Mekhanite (Church of the Broken God and sister GOIs) character cards The 3 popular SCP gods as Scenario cards: Mekhane the Broken God, Yaldaboath the God of Flesh, and the Scarlet King! and
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SCP-2217 Hammer and Anvil
Mar 30, 2019 – This SCP Foundation wiki reading is about SCP-2217 “Hammer and Anvil”, which is the entirety of the beach on the island of [REDACTED], Greece. The sand of
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This shows SCP 610 known as “the flesh that hates” in a green, glitchy setting. There is a slight chromatic aberration added and the SCP logo is in the top left of the piece. The text there reads “Secure Contain Protect” and “SCP 610 Identified” underneath.
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SCP-808 – The Mechanical Choir
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1 Appearances 1.1 Characters 1.2 Classifications 1.3 Dates 1.4 Events 1.5 Groups 1.6 Locations 1.7 Objects 1.8 Species Dr. Jack Bright Professor Kain Pathos Crow Mr. Deeds Europa Dr. Charles Gears Maria Henderson IT Commander Morrison O5-1 Dr. Rhodes Samuel Ross SCP-096 SCP-169 SCP-055 SCP-076-1 SCP-682 SCP-963 SCP-1048 SCP-1370 SCP-1437 SCP-1440 SCP-2241 SCP-3179 SCP …
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Beispiele für Anomalien, welche in diesem Kontext von Interesse wären, sind unter anderem; SCP-008, SCP-016, SCP-217, SCP-610, SCP-682 und weitere. Ebenso übernimmt diese Abteilung eine wichtige Funktion bei Epidemien, oder auch unbekannten Krankheitserregern, wie auch auffälligen Körperzuständen von Personal, und dementsprechend an Gegenmaßnahmen, zum Beispiel …
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Flesh Expansion (SCP-610 and Sarkicism cards)4. Mekhanite Expansion (SCP-882 and Church of the Broken god)5. Wanderer Expansion (Serpent’s Hand and Wanderer’s Library)6. Madness Expansion (SCP-426 I am a toaster, SCP-035 possessive mask, etc
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We die in the dark so that you may live in the light. Secure. Contain. Protect. BANNED SCPs-SCP 343-All SCP-001-SCP-166-SCP-076-SCP-610-SCP-3000-SCP-239 EVENT ONLY SCPs-The Scarlett King-SCP-073-SCP-105 TAKEN CC LIST!!!
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Local Church controversies
3) disseminated (published) in Europe, and the book The God-Men, An Inquiry Into Witness Lee and the Local Church by Neil T. Duddy and the SCP published by Inter-Varsity Press (Exhibit 5) disseminated (published) in the United States and and