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 · Synology DS1621+ vs QNAP TS-673A NAS – EXTERNAL HARDWARE When I say external hardware, I really mean the ports and connections of these two devices. How you plan to interface with the Synology DS1621+ or QNAP TS-673A NAS in your home or business environment may well impact which of these two solutions is best suited to your needs.
The Synology DS916+ versus The QNAP TS-453A - The 4-Bay NAS Brand Comparison - NAS Compares

Qnap or Synology for surveillance NVR. : homedefense

How do they compare on false positives is one better than the other? Would it be better to get cameras with PIR sensors? Can you add WiFi cameras, or they must be Onvif RTSP specifically? Any other advice comparing the two. Thanks.
The Synology DS216+ Vs the QNAP TS-251+ – Which one deserves your Data? – NAS Compares
NAS shoot-out: QNAP vs. Synology
The beefy QNAP TVS-EC880 delivers better performance under heavy workloads, while the elegant Synology DS2015xs shines with useful tools NAS shoot-out: QNAP vs. Synology The beefy QNAP …
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QNap TS-212 NAS vs Synology DS-211j (9/6 價格更新)
 · QNap TS-212 & Synology DS211j 皆支援 IP Camera, 名稱都是 Surveillance Station, TS-212 最多支援二支 IP CAM(隨機附2個 license), 而 DS211j 最多支援五支 IP CAM(隨機附一個license), 在 IP CAM 支援度上, Synology 支援的 IP CAM 廠牌及型號較 QNap 多了
The Synology DS116 vs QNAP TS-131p NAS Faceoff – Battle of the 1-bay NAS – NAS Compares
Synology VS Qnap
 · I’ll make a comparative with all services (Web site, network surveillance, data base ect…) To made this comparative I’ll use my 2 NAS : DJ411j By Synology VS Qnap T-212 EDIT : Here it is, my new topic about the two systems : DSM v.4 (béta) by Synology and
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Anyone monitoring Cameras with Synology OR …

Page 1 of 2 – Anyone monitoring Cameras with Synology OR QNAP? – posted in Home Security: Just as the title says – Im curious if anyone is monitoring their cameras via Synologys app using that as a storage device. I have someone Im working with who needs a NAS anyway and will likely run more than one to synchronize certain data between their homes. Theyre also looking for cameras that can
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Synology Surveillance Station VMS Tested

The NAS comes with Synology’s own VMS software (Synology Surveillance Station) built-in. NAS-based VMSes are not new. Synology and QNAP, e.g., have been offering them for a decade or more. But are they still relevant today in a world of $200 NVRs
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Examining Synology’s Surveillance Station 5.0 NVR

In this update we examine Synology, a NAS manufacturer targeting the SMB market.Synology offers an NVR application add-on to their NAS appliances named the Surveillance Station. We compare and contrast Synology to QNAP.In October 2010, the company announced the release of the updated Surveillance Station 5.0 (previously 4.0), which adds new features and functionality.
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NAS : Qnap or Synology
 · I have never used a QNAP so not sure how good the devices or OS are in comparison to Synology. So was wondering if you guys can give me any more ideas on Qnap NAS in comparison to Synology and any more personal info on the QNAP products I have mentioned ….( could also be the 5 bay versions as well).
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Surveillance Station 網路攝影機支援清單
群暉科技 Synology Inc. 推出的監控軟體 Synology Surveillance Station 支援橫跨 90 家知名品牌底下超過 4000 種 IP 攝像機機種。您可以在此頁一覽詳細的攝影機支援清單。
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NAS Compares Synology DSM vs QNAP QuTS Hero NAS – Surveillance and NVR Started by NAS Compares 24. Dec 2020 Replies: 0 News and Feeds NAS Compares Synology NAS Setup Guide 2020 – Surveillance Station, IP Cameras and Storage 25. Oct
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Synology DS418play vs QNAP TS-351 In the first half of 2019, we are seeing a rather interesting release trend from the big NAS brands, Synology and QNAP. Generally, each year, the two brands release their biggest desktop solutions are roughly the same time (Q3/Q4 of the year) and then NAS buyers are left choosing between these two brands for which device best fits their needs.