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 · Atomic nuclei consist of electrically positive protons and electrically neutral neutrons. These are held together by the strongest known fundamental force, called the strong force. The nucleus makes up much less than .01% of the volume of the atom, …
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Define nuclei. nuclei synonyms, nuclei pronunciation, nuclei translation, English dictionary definition of nuclei. n. A plural of nucleus. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
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Cell nucleus
The cell nucleus (plural: cell nuclei) contains the cell’s genes and controls the cell’s growth and reproduction. It has a double layered nuclear membrane round it. The nucleus is usually the most prominent organelle in a cell. The nucleus is small and round, and works as the cell’s control center. It contains chromosomes which house the DNA
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Nuclear binding energy
As nuclei get heavier than helium, their net binding energy per nucleon (deduced from the difference in mass between the nucleus and the sum of masses of component nucleons) grows more and more slowly, reaching its peak at iron.
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Sometimes the nucleus has an irregular or complex shape, for example, the nuclei of leukocytes and the macronuclei of infusorians. Binucleate and multinucleate cells are common; they are usually formed by nuclear division unaccompanied by cytoplasmic division or by symplasm, that is, the fusion of several mononuclear cells (for example, striated muscle fibers).
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Nuclear Spin
A characteristic of the collection of protons and neutrons (which are fermions) is that a nucleus of odd mass number A will have a half-integer spin and a nucleus of even A will have integer spin. The suggestion that the angular momenta of nucleons tend to form pairs is supported by the fact that all nuclei with even Z and even N have nuclear spin I=0.
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Habenular nuclei: Anatomy and clinical aspects
Habenular nuclei Author: Benjamin Aghoghovwia • Reviewer: Catarina Chaves MD Last reviewed: August 31, 2020 Reading time: 6 minutes The habenular is a nucleus of the diencephalon comprising of two parts: medial habenular (MHb) lateral habenular (LHb) The
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 · Nuclei definition: → nucleus | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples BBC’s Line of Duty is back after a two-year hiatus and we couldn’t be more excited to resume our role of armchair detective. But for civilians, deciphering all the police jargon can be
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 · Nucleus 5, 474–481 (2014). PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar 75. Jonkers, I., Kwak, H. & Lis, J. T. Genome-wide dynamics of Pol II elongation and its …
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 · nucleus (plural nuclei or nucleuses) The core, central part of something, around which other elements are assembled. An initial part or version that will receive additions. This collection will form the nucleus of a new library. (chemistry, physics) The massivecharged
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Dentate nucleus
The cerebellar nuclei receive afferent projections from the inferior olive, lateral reticular nucleus, upper cervical and lumbar spinal segments, and the Pontine nuclei. Together, the deep cerebellar nuclei form a functional unit that provides feedback control of the cerebellar cortex by cerebellar output.
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RNA-sequencing from single nuclei
Nuclei should also be ideal for investigating transcripts that are selectively accumulated within the nucleus. According to ENCODE data ( 19 ), half of all transcribed sequences are found only in the nucleus and are mostly unannotated.