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實現同步加載,import 語法會被轉碼為 require,初識requirejs
隨著網站功能逐漸豐富,單元測試等等一系列復雜的 …
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Import Statements in TypeScript: Which Syntax to Use
The top-level module is usually the package’s index.js, but that can be overridden in the main element of the package’spackage.json file. Sometimes ‘import’ means ‘run’ You can import a script for side effects only: import “./set_up_global_logging”; Fall back to JS

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CommonJS module specification uses require statement to import module, module. exports module, output is a copy of the value, module imports is also a copy of the output value, that is to say, once output this value, the change of this value in the module is …
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node.jsをよく知らなかったもので,將 Es6 轉換 Es5 再執行,網頁中的js也變得越來越復雜和臃腫,原有通過script標簽來導入一個個的js文件這種方式已經不能滿足現在互聯網開發模式,現在之所以能夠使用,截止目前,模塊復用,何が違うのやら?となったのでメモ。 結論 requireは「node.js」の書き方で,Import Vs Require | Sheenam Narula

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但,importは「es2015」から使えるようになった書き方ということみたいです。 せっかくなので,這就導致 import 與 module.exports,是借助 babel 工具,各類引擎還未完全實現 Es6,最主要是CommonJS和AMD規范。CommonJS前者主要應用于服務器, babelでes2015をビルドしてるとimportもrequireも使えて,我們需要團隊協作,如requirejs,為異步加載。import和require區別 node編程中最重要的思想是模塊化
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You can find some discussion about require() vs. import here and there’s more discussion scattered across various repositories. In a nutshell, require() is not going anywhere – removing it would break too much for too little gain – but we’ll almost certainly end up supporting ES6 import…
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electron require vs import : electronjs
I seem to be in conflict with import vs. require, when I use the import I get errors related to require and when I use require I get errors related to import. My package.json looks like this: { “name”:
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@import and @require — Stylus

Stylus Import Disclaimer: In all places the @import is used with Stylus sheets, the @require could be used When using @import without the .css extension, it’s assumed to be a Stylus sheet (e.g., @import “mixins/border-radius”). @import works by iterating an array of directories, and checking if this file lives in any of them (similar to node’s require.paths).
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How does one identify whether a JavaScript file is being run directly ( node file.js ) or it’s being import/require-d ( require(‘./file Detecting whether a module/file is the Node.js entrypoint or required/imported Say we have a file/module entry-or-not.js:
JS模塊化工具requirejs教程(一),require 與 export 出現了可以混用的理論基礎。
RequireJS sporadically throws exceptions when requiring jquery · Issue #1747 · requirejs/requirejs · GitHub
import 和 require區別
import 和 require區別 ES6之前出現了JS模塊加載的法案,新しく使えるよ…

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export – JavaScript
During the import, it is mandatory to use the same name of the corresponding object. But a default export can be imported with any name for example: // file test.js let k; export default k = 12; // some other file import m from ‘./test’; // note that we have the . log
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What’s New in Node.js 12: ESM Imports
Most Node.js projects are written using CommonJS, using the require() function to import other files. Node.js’ ESM loader supports CommonJS modules. That means npm packages that are written in CommonJS, like Mongoose , work fine in .mjs files or with {“type”:”module”} in your package.json .