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Regulation of GFR
 · PDF 檔案Determinants of GFR •Kf •NFP: P(g)= 60mmHg P(b)=18mmHg Π(g) = 32mmHg Π(b)= 0 Renal Blood Flow Renal Blood Flow •1100ml/min •22% of Cardiac output •7 times blood flow of brain and consumes oxygen at twice the rate Normal State Glomerulus
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 · PPT 檔案 · 網頁檢視GFR = Kf x Net filtration pressure Kf: Filtration coefficient is a measure of the product of the hydraulic conductivity and surface area of glom capill. ml/min/mmHg Net filtration pressure = Glomerular hydrostatic pressure = Bowman’s capsular pressure
Factors affecting GFR
 · PDF 檔案GFR=Kf x ∆P – πGC) = Kf x P UF 4 P UF P UF ∆P π GC π GC π GC ∆P ∆P Control Angiotensin II ANP AAAEE E Distance Along Glomerular Capillary mm Hg 10 30 Factors Regulating P GC Volume of Urine GFR ~ 50 – 200 L/d
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GFR=Kf * NFP product of permeability and surface surface area determined by relaxation of mesangeal cells NFP= net filtration pressure algebraic sum of pressures across glomerular barrier hydraulic pressures does not change substantially b/w beginning and
Factors determining GFR - Kypho
GFR = Kf (Pg – Pb – Ng) where Pg = 45 mmHg, Ng = 25-35 mmHg, Pb = 10 mmHg, and Kf = 12.5 ml/min/mmHg, GFR thus equals 125 ml/min. Without getting into the specifics, if you compare net filtration of systemic and glomerular capillaries: Systemic
PPT - GLOMERULAR FILTERATION PowerPoint Presentation - ID:2165375

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GFR ? Kf ? 腎小管細胞損傷的形式 1.壞死性損傷,腎小管重吸收及分泌功能減弱 皮質 外髓 內髓 正常 HgCl2 中毒 腎小管上皮細胞壞死 淤血和管型 ? ? 病理切片顯示腎小管管
FILTRATION FRACTION DEF:- Ratio of GFR to the renal plasma flow FF = GFR / RPF = 125 / 650 = 0.2 % ( 20 % RPF filtered / min) Glomerular versus systemic filtration 1 Total filtration. 180 L / 20 L. per day. 2 Filtration coefficient (Kf). 100 times in glomerulus
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What changes in GFR is expected in a 30-year-old lady with pre-eclampsia? A Decreases B Increases C Remains the same D None of these A 50 year old female goes into shock and her blood pressure was 50 mmHg. Which of the following concerning A C
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Q23$What$is$the$Glomerular$Filtration$Rate$(GFR)?$Discuss$the$physiological$factors$that$can$influence$it.$(March$2014)$ GFR…

 · PDF 檔案There’is’declinein’nephron’number’with’ageand’this’explains’someof’thedecreasein’GFR’in’theelderly ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ Title Microsoft Word – Q23 What is the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)? Discuss the physiological factors that can influence it. (March 2014).docx 1/17
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GFR = Kf Peff GFR = Kf [PG- PB- ÐG] Kf = filtrációs koefficiens Peff= effektiv filtrációs nyomás ad. 3. A filtrálandó anyagok jellemzõi Molekula tömege, Molekula alakja, Elektrosztatikus faktorok. A glomerulus filtrátum fehérjementes és lipidmentes plazma.
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 · Kf = ultrafiltration coefficient, GFR = glomerular filtration rate, AT-II = angiotensin II, NO = nitric oxide. Vascular permeability The asymmetric expansion of the interstitial volume in NS is explained by changes in intrinsic properties of the endothelial capillary barriers , including its increased hydraulic conductivity and permeability to proteins, rather than to an imbalance of the
Factors Affecting G.F.R.

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1. GFR merupakan kira-kira 20% dari aliran plasma ginjal Seperti pada kapiler lain GFR ditentukan oleh: Keseimbangan kekuatan osmosis koloid dan hidrostatik yang bekerja melintasi membran kapiler. Koefisien filtrasi kapiler (Kf). 2. Membran kapiler glomerulus
Renal haemodynamics

Inulin is used as an indicator of glomerular filtration rate? …

 · Inulin is used as an indicator of glomerular filtration rate because it is freely filtered and not reabsorbed. Plasma inulin concentration is 1mg/ml; plasma glucose is 1mg/ml; inulin excretion rate is 100mg/min and glucose excretion rate is 0mg/min. Determine GFR.
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