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condyle中文,n. 骨節,condyle的意思,骨阜,例句等 片語 exoccipital condyle The exoccipital condyle is the recess at the base of the skull which connects to the spinal colum It is similar to a ball and socket jo
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What Is the Mandibular Condyle? (with pictures)

 · The mandibular condyle also assists in the attachment of the temporomandibular ligament. Also known as the external lateral ligament, it comprises two thin and short fasciculi. These fiber bundles that comprise the temporomandibular ligament are attached to the lower jaw via the neck of the condyloid process — more specifically, at the neck’s lateral surface and rear border.
Condyle of femur 1. Medial condyle 2. Lateral condyle. | Download Scientific Diagram

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Condyle and epicondyle occur at the end of the long bones. The condyle is more prominent than the epicondyle. The condyle is smooth and round whereas epicondyle is rough. Epicondyle is a projection on the condyle. The main difference between condyle and epicondyle is that condyle forms an articulation with another bone. whereas epicondyle provides sites for the attachment of muscles.
The anatomical perspective of human occipital condyle in relation to the hypoglossal canal. condylar canal. and jugular foramen and its surgical ...

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 · In the maxillofacial region, mandibular condyle fracture accounts for about 10–40% of the trauma spectrum. This chapter deals with the etiology, classification, clinical features, diagnosis, and contemporary management of mandibular condyle fractures. Along with the regular management strategies, treatment protocols for geriatric and pediatric patients have also been discussed. The
Condyle shapes left to right: rounded. angled. flattened and mixed. | Download Scientific Diagram
Dislocation of the Temporomandibular Joint
TMJ dislocation occurs when the condyle moves too far. Sometimes, it can get stuck in front of a section of bone called the articular eminence , which inhibits it from moving back into place. This dislocation usually happens when the ligaments that normally keep the condyle in place are somewhat loose.
Panoramic radiograph showing anterior positioning of the right condyle... | Download Scientific Diagram
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Femoral Condyle Implants The Arthrosurface HemiCAP® system restores the cartilage surface geometry of the Femoral Condyle and preserves functional structures using an innovative 3-dimensional mapping system and a contoured articular resurfacing implant.
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Medial epicondyle of the femur
Located above the medial condyle, it bears an elevation, the adductor tubercle, which serves for the attachment of the superficial part, or “tendinous insertion”, of the adductor magnus. This tendinous part here forms an intermuscular septum which forms the medial separation between the …
Occipital condyle. foreman magnum. stylomastoid foramen.

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Condyle. Les tuberositez des os, comme les chevilles ou nœuds des pieds, des bras, des doigts, et autres). Empr. au b. lat. condylus « jointure, articulation des doigts de la main », lui-même du gr. κ ο ́ …
Medial Condyle Femur Fracture

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 · The infected femoral condyle defect model on rats was created by exposing the femoral condyle defect to S. aureus for 10 days (Fig. 2A). Successful bacteria colonization and biofilm formation were confirmed by the observation of concentrated bacterial cells in H & E and Masson’s trichrome staining images as shown in Fig. 2 B [ 8 , 36 ].
Orthopantomograph shows bifid condyle on left side | Download Scientific Diagram
Palpation Guideline
The lateral epicondyle of the femur is located on the lateral femoral condyle (above the knee joint line) Palpation The participant should stand with knees in a neutral position (not hyperextended) Kneel in front of the participant and locate the joint line using the
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condylus: [ kon´dīl ] a rounded projection on a bone, usually for articulation with another bone.
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Refracture of the Mandibular Condyle in Epilepsy
Refracture of the mandible following stable internal fixation would be rare. A 28-years-old male patient was transferred to our emergency center due to fall caused by epilepsy
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Closed treatment of unilateral mandibular condyle …

Closed treatment of unilateral mandibular condyle fractures in adults: a systematic review. Rozeboom AVJ(1), Dubois L(2), Bos RRM(3), Spijker R(2), de Lange J(2). Author information: (1)Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Academic Medical Centre of