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How to Install Linux on a Chromebook: 12 Steps (with …

 · Installing Linux on your Chromebook will allow you to access and use Linux-based programs that aren’t readily available on Chrome OS. On the Chromebook, you can install Linux using a tool called Crouton, which will allow you to run Linux on …
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I have a HP Chromebook G4 from 2014 that won’t receive official Linux (Crostini) support, so I decided to use Crouton to install Ubuntu instead. I thought some of you might be interested in this, so this article presents step by step instructions for …
Get More Out of Your Chromebook by Running Linux Apps
How to Enable Linux App Mode on Chromebook
Google’s intentions are to make features available to software being developed via this platform. By enabling the Linux (Beta) platform, otherwise known as Crostini, Chromebook users will now be able to install command line tools, code editors and IDE’s. Related: The 14 Best Games to Play on Your Chromebook …
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How to dual boot ChromeOS and Linux— a step by step …

GalliumOS is a beautiful Linux distro that is based on the extr e mely popular Ubuntu but is is designed to be lightweight, fast and more importantly to integrate seamlessly with your Chromebook
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How to Expand Storage for Linux on Your Chromebook
When you enable Linux on a Chromebook, Chrome OS allocates fixed storage for the Linux container. There is no option to expand or shrink the size of Linux containers thereafter. But with the recent Chrome OS 84 update, Google is bringing a lot of changes; like customizing the Linux terminal, allowing Linux apps to access your microphone and of course, providing Linux apps the opportunity to
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How to run Linux apps on your Chromebook
Run full Linux software on a Chromebook and unleash its power (Image credit: Google) 2. Enable the Linux! If your Chromebook is capable of running Linux and is up to date, you can now turn on
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How to Customize Crostini Linux Terminal on a …

If you use Crostini on a Chromebook in order to work on Linux, you might wonder how to change the terminal settings such as the fonts, colors, or even terminal behavior. Here in this article, we will discuss in brief customizing the Linux terminal on a Crostini Linux installation.
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Learn how to Customise Crostini Linux Terminal on a …

If you’re using Crostini on a Chromebook to work on Linux, you may be wondering how to change terminal settings like fonts, colors, or even terminal behavior. Here in this article we will briefly explain how to adapt the Linux terminal to a Crostini Linux installation.
How to Extend Storage for Linux on your Chromebook
How to Rotate the Screen on Chromebook
 · Other Chromebook Rotate Screen Notes When you change your screen’s orientation, that setting is remembered even through a restart. The only way to override the orientation setting is to flip the Chromebook into tablet mode if it is a 2-in-1.
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Change Chromebook background Wallpaper Turn on your Chromebook and log in. Right-click on the Desktop and select Set Wallpaper. All the categories of all wallpapers will come forward. Select the one which intrigues you and then simply click on theimage.
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The Chromebook Linux Shell (Update 3)
The Linux shell is an amazing thing and I’m just starting to learn what can be one using it in Crostini. What am I running on? I’m running on a UK HP Chromebook X2 in the Beta Channel
Chrome OS update will allow higher-end Chromebooks to use more memory for Linux - About Chromebooks

Installing a Linux desktop on your Chromebook

Therefore, I set out to see if it would be feasible to put and actual Linux desktop on a Chromebook. Here’s what I came up with. If you’re not a video type, the steps are detailed below.
Chrome OS 75 extends Android VPN support to Linux apps – About Chromebooks
How to Install Linux on Your Chromebook
How to Install Linux on Your Chromebook If you want to go beyond the extensions and Android apps Chrome OS offers, there are a few ways to get Linux up and running to make your Chromebook more