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_來自Bootstrap 教程,并通過一些實例了解它的使用。Bootstrap 捆綁了 200 多種字體格式的字形。首先讓我們先來理解一下什么是字體圖標。 什么是字體圖標? 字體圖標是在 Web 項目中使用的圖標字體。雖然,input-lg用于比默認大小更大的輸入元素。input-sm用于比默認大小更小的輸入元素。這里有一些使用中的例子,請使用Bootstrap的控件尺寸類,Gl
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Twitter Bootstrap >> Customize Glyphicon Font Size Color Text shadow Offset X Offset Y Blur distance Select color #ff0000 #0000ff #00ff00 #ffff00 #00ffff #f00 red Generate Text Shadow Asterik Plus Euro Envelope Pencil Glass Music Search Heart Star Empty
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Bootstrap Glyphicons Intro In the past few years the icons got a significant part of the web pages we got used to both viewing and creating. With the clean and symbolic intuitive meanings they almost instantly relay it became much easier to set a focus point
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The new glyphicons seem to have newer icons – so its good. However some of the icons in the new set do not have a good resolution at the default sizes. Did not know where to post – since these icons are bundled with bootstrap. Check an e
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Grid size of Inputs, Textareas and Select Boxes We can match the sizes of form controls to the Bootstrap grid column sizes. Wrap form controls such as ,