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 · PDF 檔案The Medical Purificatory Modular Air Handling Unit has two series: one modular air handling unit with cooling coil for water and other with cooling coil for refrigerant. 2 A M U 2 1 1 8 A H M H D 1 8 6 L E A ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ ⑪ ⑱ Digit 1,2,3 – Unit Model
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Modular Composite / Steel Air Handling Unit

 · PDF 檔案A ir handling units are devices which can carry out air conditioning processes such as ventilation, heating, cooling, humidification, de-humidification, filtration, and heat recovery under automatic control. Ventilation The movement of air in the air handling unit is
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 · PDF 檔案buildings, etc. Depending of the air flow, they could be separated in nine standard sizes from 6000 m³/h to 45000 m³/h. • Modifications depending on the installations of air handling units: • AHU–H – horizontal version (air handling unit with mixing and intermediate
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Consult CIAT’s entire Air Handling Units: CLIMACIAT catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/5 best serve our customers for all types of applications as CLIMACIAT combines efficiency and modularity.” To learn more about the CIAT CLIMACIAT range, visit the CIAT
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 · PDF 檔案7 Carrier offers you 3 easy quick selection steps for 39G: 2.) Use roughing-in dimensions (Pg 8 & 9) to find 1.) Determine the unit size based on air flow or coil face approximate size of base unit and it’s accessory area. sections. a. 1.5m/s minimum velocity
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 · PDF 檔案1 1.0 INTRODUCTION The Double Skin Modular Air Handling Unit is designed based on modular paneling concept to fulfill the indoor air quality requirement. The air flow of DDM AHU is within range of 330 to 20,000 lps (700 to 42379 CFM) and up to a total static
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Air Handling Units
The vQ Stream Floor Mounted Compact Air Handling Units are energy saving devices intended for installation in technical rooms or alternatively outside the building. Available in 8 sizes with air flows from 840 m3/h to 16,500 m3/h.
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Air Handling Units
The air handling unit with Hygienic construction complies to DIN 1946-4 and VDI-6022 Standard. Units are manufactured in a facility registered to ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing quality standards. UKS Units are available in 23 models to deliver from 588 cfm (277 l/s) to 58 825 cfm (27777 l/s) nominal air flow rate against total static pressure up to 8.0 inWG (2000 Pa).
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Air Handling Units
Systemair offers a wide range of central air handling units for airflows up to 100.000 m 3 /h. Specific for central air handling units is that they are built in modules to be assembled on site. The design is also flexible and many functions are available.
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AHU Air Handling Unit Fundamentals
 · PDF 檔案–AHU -Air handling units –Dampers –Coils and Valves –Fans –Distribution ducts and terminal boxes –Pumps and Plumbing –Control devices and control loops –Unitary equipment: fan coils, perimeter radiation, unit ventilators, unit heaters, etc. AHU
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Product HAVC System
Compact Air Handling unit CM units are designed specifically for small and medium-sized air conditioning systems for commercial and residential applications. The units are designed to be easily installed and maintained. These units may be used for cooling
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Quantum Climate Changer Model : CLCP Euro Product Catalogue

 · PDF 檔案water in air handling units. Environmental Friendly Materials High-grade aluminium frame is non-corrosive and is easily clean-able. All these features will further enhance in-door air quality. Design for Routine Cleaning Double wall panel construction allows for easy
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Centralized Air Conditioning & Kitchen Ventilation …

Hygienic Air Handling Unit 600 CFM to 60000 CFM Ducted Split Air Conditioner Units TAC-TDF series 5 kW to 17.5 kW Air Handling Unit TAH-TFM Series 600 CFM to 80000 CFM Heat Recovery Unit / Fresh Air Handling Unit TAH-TFM Series 600 CFM to 60000 CFM